Aug 10, 2014

Released version 1.2.0

A new version 1.2.0 was released with the following features:

Test filters in JavaScript tests

This is an advanced technique allowing you to organize filtering or reordering of your tests.

testFilter(function (tests) { var newTests = []; for (var i = 0; i < tests.length; i++) { if (tests[i].name != "Some test") { newTests.push(tests[i]); } } return newTests; });

Warning level in specs

When it comes to a bug on production on your website and you have to temporarily disable some checks in your specs you can use % to change the error level to warning.

=================== login-button css #login-button =================== login-button % width: 100px text is: Login

In the example above in case of error for spec “width: 100px” you will see a warning instead of error in resulting report.

Java API

From now on you can also easily write Galen tests in Java. Please read this article Java Tests (Maven + TestNG + Galen). Also you can check out this project on github galen-sample-java-tests


We have moved all the discussions to Google Groups. From this moment, if you have problems with your test code or some issues with installation, please ask your questions in!forum/galen-framework.