Nov 10, 2014

Released version 1.4.1 with css properties checks and javascript functions in specs

There were a lot of new features introduced in version 1.4.1 as well as bugfixes. The major features are css property verification and custom JavaScript functions in specs

CSS Properties Verification

From this moment you can now check the value of a specific CSS property of a test element on page. Check this example:

login-button css font-size is: 18px css font-family starts: Helvetica css font-family ends: sans-serif css font-family contains: Arial css font-family matches: .*Arial.*

JavaScript Functions in Page Specs

Sometimes you might need some functionality which is not in Galen. For instance be able to parameterize your checks only for odd or even items in list. Or anything else you might have stuck with already. Use JavaScript custom functions for that. Here is an example. A file allEven.js:

this.allEven = function (pattern) { var size = count(pattern); var parameters = "2"; if (size > 1) { for (var i = 4; i <= size; i+=2) { parameters = parameters + "," + i; } } return parameters; };

Now you can use it in your page spec. Just import the script like this:

@@ import allEven.js [ ${allEven("menu-item-*")} ] menu-item-@ height: 100px

Text Operations

Also when validating a text of an element on page you can now apply lowercase or uppercase text operations. This is needed when you don’t want to compare text case sensitive.

greeting text lowercase is: welcome [email protected] to our cool website! text uppercase starts: WELCOME text lowercase ends: website! text lowercase contains: to our cool text lowercase matches: welcome .* to our cool website!

Hover Function in GalenPages

When you need to emulate a hovered state of a page element in GalenPages framework you can now do it with hover function:

this.LoginPage = function (driver) { GalenPages.extendPage(this, driver, { emailTextfield: "", // css locator passwordTextfield: "xpath: //input[@class='password']", // xpath locator submitButton: "id: submit" // id locator }); }; var loginPage = new LoginPage(driver); loginPage.loginButton.hover();

Resize Function in JavaScript API

If you need to resize the window of a browser just call resize function and pass it a driver and new size like this:

resize(driver, "1024x768");

Simple String in checkLayout Function for Tags

There is no need to pass an array of tags in case you need only one tag in checkLayout function. Example:

checkLayout(driver, "homepage.spec", "mobile");


You can download a new version here


We have moved all the discussions to Google Groups. From this moment, if you have problems with your test code or some issues with installation, please ask your questions in!forum/galen-framework.